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STOP PRESS - 4NCL Round 7 Review here.

Club Championships Round 10
The U1400 section concluded with Mati beating Matt to become the outright winner! Congratulation Mati.

The Open continues this Thursday with round 11 matches:
Dave Rudd v Simon Morris
Paul Byway v Mark Buswell
Andrew du Boulay v Barry Cheal - 2pm Thurs 26th

In the U1600 section, Mark Lynch and Steve Zsibrita are playing from 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th May.

League Results, 16th - 21st May

St Albans Congress
4 Hertford club players entered: Simon Morris, Andrew du Boulay, Alan Brewis and Brian Kirby. Simon and Alan scored a creditable 3 out of 5 in the Challengers (U2050) and Minor (U1600) events respectively. Full results here

4NCL Round 7 Review
"Grandad … what was the Internet?” He smiled instinctively. “Well … what a curious question. Why do you ask?” “I’m mind-absorbing this History of Chess … and it says ‘Internet’ and ‘wooden board’ and other funny things. It must have been so strange in the dark old days before we had telepathy and quantothought.”
Her unexpected ideas triggered the Register and fragments of thought began to appear on his ocuscreens. Dormant thoughts which had been filed away for many years. He flicked to ‘autoshare’ and their fun began.
He recalled heavy wooden pieces that you physically moved by hand. A curious mechanical clock … and, oh yes … a pen and paper! He chuckled to himself. He had forgotten about those. But their comfort and familiarity remained with him.
He used the digigraphs to explain to her how he used to play. And the odd notations and media … digressing to describe the Internet as best he could. She shared a moment of joy and wonder … almost sympathetic, he felt … although he knew that more effort would be wasted on her.
The quantothoughts came quicker now and he began to feel stirrings of … well, I suppose you’d call it ‘emotion’ if such things were still allowed. The chess may have changed … pieces made in polymer, then in pixels and now in proto-ether, the hyperboards, the UPTs … but they haven’t digitised teamwork yet … and perhaps they never will.
He ran through the digigraphs carefully, and pausing occasionally whenever a new quantothought was triggered. Such change … and yet such constancy. Camaraderie, the freshness of Youth, the unlikely successes … valued much less these days in this instant World … but treasured items in the evening of his Digitation.
“Why don’t we play a game, Grandad?” “You know that I always beat you, but let’s play.”
He began to go over the modern methods. Quite difficult even after all these years, but he felt confident enough.
“100” he shared … and she shared a quantosmile. “Oh, Grandad. Will you never forget about these horrible flank openings?” “I play ‘1010’, you play ‘1010’ then you plan ‘11’ later while I develop a Kingside and a strong centre. It’s too easy.”
Dave Rudd

Round 7 Results

Club Championships Round 8
The following game from the U1400 section is featured as it appeared from the grades that Matt's long winning run would be destined to continue. James had other plans. Thanks to Matt for permission to highlight the game.

Paul Byway has been featured in the March edition of the Chess Magazine.

Wednesday 2nd March - A dozen club players were online to enjoy Phil Bormans's Zoom presentation on his 4NCL Online game against T S Venkataramanan. The annotated game follows below.

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24th January - Here's a link to the Letchworth 1 v Hertford 1 match report from Stephen Swanson.

"Before developing your Pieces, develop your Luck"
But how!? Stephen Swanson shares his recent experiences in this article on the part luck has played in two of his games. It's a good read.... More.
There is a link at the bottom of page 1 in the article to a game server showing the two games. However should you wish to return to the games direct, then you can click for the game server here.

02/09/2021   At the AGM the following captains were appointed for the 2021-22 season starting in October:
1st team - Barry Cheal
2nd team - Andrew du Boulay
3rd team - Nick Wooster
4th team - Gerald Gregory
5th team - Alan Brewis
U120 League - Mike Humeniuk
Russell Cup - Andrew du Boulay
Sharp Trophy - Mark Buswell
U140 Cup - Duncan Marshall
U120 Cup - Mike Gutteridge
Herts & District - Corinne Mountford

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