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Hertford Chess Club is meeting online (lichess.org) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings until further notice.

From March 1st, use only the hertfordchessclub.org.uk domain to reach this website. The hertfordchessclub.com domain will no longer be available.

23/02/21 4NCL Online
Division 3 'Hertford 1' 3 - 1 'MCS Oxford 1'
Division 6 'Hertford 2' 3 - 1 'Deaf England'
Division 6 'Hertford 3' ½ - 3½ 'St Andrews White Cross 1'
Division 7 'Hertford 4' 2 - 2 'BCC Dinosaurs'

19/02/21 Mike Gutteridge is thinking of returning to us. He sends his best wishes to everyone.

17/02/21 Hertford players score 12/17 and are now top of all 3 divisions of this competition.
Full results here. Hertford results only below.
Herts Chess Online, Round 3 Results

09/02/21 4NCL Online - 'Hertford 1' draw with 'Alba Bon Accord 2'
'Hertford 2' beat 'MCS Oxford B' 2½ - 1½
'Hertford 3' lose 1½ - 2½ to 'Ashby Ivanhoe'
'Hertford 4' lose ½ - 3½ against 'Streatham B'

26/01/21 4NCL Online - Hertford 1 got off to a good start against an admittedly greatly outgraded Atticus B. 2½ - 1½
Hertford 2 disappointed against St Benildus D with a draw when the grading suggested a win would be the outcome.
Hertford 3 lost to Cornish Pirates. 1½ - 2½
Hertford 4 were smashed ½ - 3½ by Celtic Tiger Cubs. But again they were 200+ outgraded on average.

21/01/21 Thursday evening and 19 players turned up on Zoom for a 90 minute analysis from Stephen Swanson of a 1st Division League club game played by Paul Byway. This was a real treat with everyone enjoying it, even the viewer with no sound. We're hoping Stephen will repeat this initiative soon.

12/01/21 EACU Online Club Championships U1400 Hertford beat Broadland Harriers 2½ - 1½.

08/01/21 EACU Online Club Championships All three Hertford teams won their round 2 matches this week. There's an odd number of teams which usually means one team has to take a bye each week. To avoid this and give everyone a game, 3 teams each week are split into half, to give 6 mini teams and 3 mini matches. Confusing but it works.

Updated Feb 24th 2021

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